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Lessons for Casual English Chat:

For Casual English Chat, we will discuss such things as, sports, newspaper articles on daily events, Stock Market activity and the economy, American movie and TV stars, politics, or any other topic of your choice.  These lessons are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length.

Lessons for Business Presentations:

Lessons for Business Presentations: This class is for anyone who needs to make presentations in English.  This presentation may be for a product, or just a discussion of ideas and opinions.  The student sends me his presentation on the product.  I work on his presentation to see that the English is perfect, and it is emailed back to the student.  A lesson is scheduled and we discuss any changes I have made to the presentation and discuss any questions that may come up in the presentation. 
If the presentation is a discussion of ideas and opinion, the student writes his topic, ideas and opinions and I work on the English to make sure his ideas and opinions are properly presentated.  I will teach you words and phrases particular to your business. Lessons are 50 minutes in length.

Lessons about Fundamental Marketing

I have a course on, fundamental marketing and public relations policy.  This course requires at least 5 lessons or more, 50 minutes in length, depending on how many case examples are presentated.  Most students take 8 lessons for this course.  Before requesting this course, contact me directly for detailed information.

Each student will get their own lesson written to their level of english ability.  The lesson will be emailed to you in a pdf format.  At the time of the lesson, I will read the lesson and we will discuss it.  I will teach you how the words and phrases are being used in causal conversation, so you can understand what the story is about.

U .S. Stock Market and the Economy

This is a discussion of the previous trading day's results on the indexes of the U.S. stock market.  I am not a stock broker or dealer.  I also do not advise you on what to buy or sell. This lesson will teach vocabulary used in the world of finances and the stock market.  I have been trading stocks and options for over 20 years. For those who are interested in finances, this will be a very interesting discussion.  If you request a one hour class, I will also include charts of indexes and stocks on request showing what the trend is.  I can also teach you how to read the charts.  A 30 minuate class is usually just for discussion.

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