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Hello. I am Dan. Let's Chat.

Hello. My name is Scruffy

Scruffy is too cool with sunglasses

Learning casual English conversation can be fun and interesting. I will write lessons that will be interesting for you.  I will then email the lesson to you before our scheduled lesson.
You can see details of the many lessons on the next page. The difficulty of the lesson depends on the English speaking ability of the student.  The student usually picks the topic of the lesson, or I will pick the topic. Some topics have been about, daily news events, travel, American movie stars and politics.

I lived in Japan from 1962 through 1963 in Tottori-ken.  During that time, I traveled to many historcial places in Japan.  In 1963, I got married and decided to bring my wife to the U.S.  Since then, we have returned to Japan every two years to visit with family and friends.  I love to eat all types of Japanese food.

This picture was taken in 2008

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I have created many different ways for a student to learn casual English conversation. 
I have a 30 minute class for casual English chat.  The 30 minute class has no written lessons.
I have 50 minute class for casual English chat, that we discuss different topics.  This class usually  has written lessons on topics the student chooses.
I have a 50 minuate class for business presentations.
I have a course on, fundamental marketing and public relations policy.  This course takes at least 5, 50 minute classes.

Other courses are available upon request.  As always, I am most interested in your requests and ideas.

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